CEI is committed to the protection of the environment with the goal to avoid any adverse effects and to conform to government acts and legislation. Should CEI operations adversely affect the environment, work activity will be halted.
To support this, CEI will enforce useful and economical effective codes of practice to lessen damage to the environment. To effectively manage this
policy, CEI commits to minimize waste and reuse or recycle where possible, limit the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by energy and water consumptions, as well as minimize impacts on local habitats.
Environmental preservation will remain at the forefront when planning for projects, activities and purchases by CEI.

Custom Ehouse Integrator (CEI) is committed to the preservation and protection of both employees and the environment. Our objective is to exceed applicable standards and to continually strive to improve in creating a healthy workforce.
At CEI we strive to:
– Set achievable goals for health safety and environmental protection by implementing a system to monitor progress next to established goals.
– Continually modify our health and safety planning process to address issues
– Establish and guide our workforce through the development and deployment of robust policy and procedures to ensure acceptable operational standards are met.
– Building a strong culture toward health safety and the environment through training.
– To remain current to industry standards.
At CEI, all employees are required to follow the health, safety and environmental initiatives as set forth in our health and safety program. In doing so we pledge to create a healthy workplace where employees can thrive.

CEI remains committed to a workplace free of violence and harassment. The company recognizes that all abusive behavior is a form of employee misconduct that can seriously damage the company’s reputation and standing in the community. This type of behavior can quickly diminish employee relationships, create a toxic work environment, degrade work performance and hamper an employee’s productivity in the workplace. CEI believes that this type of behavior not only does not belong in the workplace but also in society and therefore has zero tolerance for any form of conduct that may be considered abusive behaviour.